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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adding Value to Your Pharma Sales Model

Several of my early blog posts focused on the value of tele-detailing in providing information to healthcare providers. With all of the pressures on the industry we must find new, more cost-effective channels for communicating with healthcare providers. Tele-detailing is an effective promotional channel, and it complements the daily activities of field-based representatives.

Physicians and healthcare providers are demanding valuable interactions with company representatives. One channel for providing valuable interactions to physicians is through tele-detailing programs. These programs provide physicians and healthcare providers with an efficient and knowledgeable means to learn about pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device products and to obtain answers to their questions at their convenience. In November 2010, Cegedim published a report on the promotional spending trends in new media (including tele-detailing, internet detailing, and web advertising) from US pharmaceutical companies. They found that 49% of the spending in new media is on tele-detailing programs.

I recently recorded a podcast through PharmaVOICE on how tele-detailing can help pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies provide value to healthcare providers. Also, we recently published a white paper on this topic. The White Paper offers suggestions for how tele-detailing programs augment and complement the activities of sales representatives, how to determine if tele-detailing is right for your product, and how to shift the role of sales representatives from salesperson to an “Advisor.”

Please let us know what you think of the podcast and white paper — are they helpful or not? Also, would you like to have additional resources in other areas? If so, please let us know what areas interest you.

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